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Mark Cruver, Accredited and Acclaimed

· Consultant

Mark Cruver has been recognized for his great work with students. A person can be well known for many things, such as their words, actions, or simply perceptionsof them by others. Standing on your own merits is something one can be proud of, but caution heeds that bragging about oneself is not the way to success, or gaining a good reputation.

Mark Cruver

When others, especially in authoritative roles, take notice of the actions and accomplishments of someone, that person has indeed reached a milestone. To be recognized by authoritative sources as a person of great knowledge and experience deserving recognition is a great honor that many seek in their respective fields.

Mr. Cruver is one such individual, having received an award for his efforts in helping young students on their path to the future. The organization that gifted him this award is the North American Coalition for Christian Admissions Professionals, or NACCAP. The award gifted to him was the Regional Service Award, which signified his dedication and service to the students and families he has helped.

Perhaps even more significant than receiving an award and recognition, is being part of the organization or board that stands as an authority on these matters. He is not only a member of NACCAP, but also organizations such as the National College Advocacy Group, and formerly the Society of Human Resource Management, to name a few. Mark Cruver has also sat on the advisory board for the Christian Film and Television Commission, also known as Movieguide. A recognition by others can signify status as an expert, as well as a great individual.

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