Mark Cruver - How to Prepare for a College Admission Interview

The college application process generally involves a questionnaire, an essay, and possibly, an interview. Mark Cruver has worked with many students who were going through the college application process. He is an independent educational consultant in Fayetteville, Georgia. He cares about education and helping students get into the college that his them best. College application interviews can be a key component in the overall application.

A great way to prepare for your college application interview is to research the school. It can be helpful to build a background knowledge of the school’s history. It can also be helpful to learn about the professors and the dean of the school. This knowledge may impress your interviewers.

Another way to prepare is to reread your essay and questionnaire. Your interviewer may reference parts of your essay, and your questionnaire responses. It may be helpful to be prepared to discuss any aspect of your essay and questionnaire.

A third tip for preparing for your college application interview is to learn about the different programs that the school offers. Your interviewer may ask you why you chose that school, and what you intend to study. Prepare to answer these questions and to discuss your future plans.

An interview can help improve your overall application. Many schools offer interviews during the final rounds of the application process. Mark Cruver is an experienced and knowledgeable educational professional in Georgia. He is an independent educational consultant, who has helped several students work their way through the college application process.

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