The Person that is Mark Cruver

Mark Cruver founded Capstone Educational Consultants to help give students and their families support. There are certain kinds of people who are meant to do certain kinds of things. Some are naturally suited towards some roles, while others seem more comfortable in different roles. In the role of being a mentor, and a friend, Mr. Cruver has that covered in spades.

With over twenty years of experience working with and guiding students, as well as families, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and experience, as well as numerous degrees and certifications. It takes a special kind of person to be able to help guide a person on what they want to do in their future, as well as be a friend to them during the process. Some people are less comfortable working with people directly and so personally, but others can take a young mind, and truly help it find what it wishes to do in life. He definitely possesses the gift to bring out the best in others, and be a friendly guide to a bright future.

In addition to being great with people, he finds comfort in nature, with outdoor activities like gardening and canoeing being among his favorites. He doesn’t just enjoy the outdoors close to home, but professes to love the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains. A love of outdoors and a fulfilling career helping guide young minds point to a person who loves what they do, and finds happiness in their life. Mark Cruver knows what it takes to find happiness and fulfillment, and helps others find this.

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