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Mark Cruver - Expert Gardening Tips You Should Try

As someone who likes gardening and landscaping, Mark Cruver views these activities as a good way to spend more time outdoors. Whether you are just beginning or have been gardening your whole life, you would like to make the most of this activity. While gardening can be enjoyable, it is also challenging. It’s an art and science that requires a lot of proactivity and reasoning in order to create a garden where plants thrive. The following tips will help you get better results out of your garden.

  • If you are using containers to house your plants, keep these containers more productive by taking care of them. Ensure you water the top part of the soil whenever it's starting to dry up, which means daily checks of the pots. Additionally, look for holes that allow water to drain and moisture gauges that let you know when the plants need more water.
  • Make use of slow-release fertilizer at planting time. With these fertilizers, the nutrients are released in small amounts over time, removing the need to keep adding fertilizer on a weekly basis. You can sprinkle slow-release fertilizer over the soil or to the potting mix.
  • It’s important to harvest early in order to keep the plants productive for longer. You should plant a second crop as soon as the early plantings start to fade. This way, your harvest period will last longer and you’ll enjoy more from the garden.

When he’s not gardening or spending time with family, Mark Cruver is busy assisting adults with personal rebranding and career discovery through his consultancy firm.

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