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    In his high school years, Mark Cruver used to play the trumpet.

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    Mark Cruver is a leading educational consultant in the state of Georgia. Educational consultants assist families in their everyday academic journey. Some consultants work specifically with elementary children, others specialize in upper grades or even students with academic challenges. Mark...
    October 5, 2016
    The Person that is Mark Cruver Mark Cruver founded Capstone Educational Consultants to help give students and their families support. There are certain kinds of people who are meant to do certain kinds of things. Some are naturally suited towards some roles, while others seem more comfortable...
    September 26, 2016 · Consultant
    Mark Cruver has been recognized for his great work with students. A person can be well known for many things, such as their words, actions, or simply perceptionsof them by others. Standing on your own merits is something one can be proud of, but caution heeds that bragging about oneself is not...
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